"Elizabeth Ann Berg as the Bird Woman in Tuesday’s performance gave an emotional rendition of “Feed the Birds;” one of the best vocal performances of the night. She also played Miss Andrew. The audience exploded with applause when she took her bow at curtain call." - Toledo Blade


"Equally noteworthy are the gorgeous “Feed the Birds” and enjoyably sinister “Brimstone and Treacle,” performed by the excellent Elizabeth Ann Berg seamlessly pulling double duty as the endearing Bird Woman and nasty nanny Miss Andrew." - Most Metro Dayton


"As the domestics, Elizabeth Ann Berg and Blake Segal delivered deft comedic turns." - Palm Beach Daily News


"And Twin Cities actor Elizabeth Ann Berg stepped into the role of housekeeper Mrs. Brill on Tuesday with gusto." - Star Tribune 


"Minnesotans will find local actress Elizabeth Ann Berg making St. Paul proud in her performance of former Banks’ nanny Katie Nanna as well as rounding out the ensemble." - The Examiner


"Elizabeth Ann Berg as Katie Nana was not only extremely funny – she has a great vocal range as well" - Van Nuy News